The great travel questionnaire: 2018 edition

So, I think I have an idea I’d like to try. On Facebook about a year or so ago, I posted a travel questionnaire. But the best part of travel is that you get to update these things. Here are the questions to the best of my knowledge. Maybe I should do this once a year. If anybody is interested in replying, you are more than welcome to. If any category is not a match, we may list “N/A.”

For the time being, I’ll do 20 questions.

1. What is your place of birth? 
Bloomington, Indiana, United States

2. Including your home country, how many countries have you visited in the world? (List as well.)
Six – in chronological order, United States, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, France, England

3. Most recent overseas trip 
August 2010 – Belgium to Calais (France) to England (Devon-Wiltshire-Oxford-London-Windsor) and back

4. Next planned trip 
If everything holds up, a trip in May to the west coast of the U.S., California-Arizona-Nevada. More specifically, San Francisco, Yosemite, Grand Canyon, and Las Vegas.

5. As of this writing (January 2018), there are 59 national parks in the U.S. How many national parks have you visited?

6. What was the most recent one? 
Mammoth Cave in Kentucky

7. If applicable, what famous attraction left you the most disappointed or underwhelmed? 
Technically, I have two: Stonehenge and The Louvre

8. Conversely, what attraction met your expectations and more? 
Probably Boston’s historic Freedom Trail

9. What country would you like to visit next? 

10. If you could go to said country, what city would you visit first? 
Either Toronto, Vancouver, or Halifax

11. Longest flight you’ve ever taken 
Chicago to Paris, about 8 hours, 25 min

12. Shortest flight you’ve ever taken 
Indianapolis  to Cincinnati, 20 minutes each way

13. Aside from your own, what airport do you like the most? 
I like the one in St. Petersburg (Florida)

14. What airport did you dislike the most?
For size and price, Cincinnati; for crowds, JFK

15. Most recent airport you visited as a traveler 
Logan Airport in Boston

16. Do you have any good luck charms when you travel? 
A baseball cap and a backpack

17. Are you able to sleep on flights? 
It depends; some flights are better than others

18. U.S. state you’d like to see next 
California, and it should happen this year

19. Most embarrassing travel story 
When I was 11, I took a trip with my dad, brother, sister, and several relatives from Belgium to Washington, D.C.; on the way home, we stopped somewhere in Virginia, and the kids played on a replica Army tank. But because we had left the windows open (this was in June), numerous fruit flies came in through the windows. It took a long while to get them out.

20. Would you like to travel more? 
Hell, yes! I’d imagine most of us would.


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