MLB games and ballparks: 2018 edition

I’m sorry, I can’t help myself with these things. Here’s another set of questions related to Major League Baseball, the games and the ballparks.

I don’t count spring training games as official, so while I have one of those, I won’t list that on here. If you choose to fill out this survey, please post the dates if you remember them.

1. How many Major League Baseball games (regular or postseason) have you seen? 

2. What was the first one, with approximate dates?
June 16, 1993 (my sixth birthday) – Cincinnati Reds vs. San Francisco Giants at Riverfront Stadium in Cincinnati. The Giants won in extra innings, 6-5.

3. What was the most recent game you’ve seen? 
September 23, 2017 in Cincinnati – Boston Red Sox 5, Cincinnati Reds 0

4. What is your favorite team? 
Boston Red Sox

5. Which team have you seen the most? 
Cincinnati Reds – 6 times (5 at home, 1 away)

6. Who has attended the most games with you? (“Self” is a fine answer)
My dad has attended 10 of the 12 I’ve been to

7. What game featured the most people in your group? 
Houston Astros vs. San Francisco Giants (Astros 11, Giants 4) at the Astrodome in July 1995, and I can remember about ten people there – my mom, dad, me, sister, brother, and my aunt, uncle, and three cousins

8. What is the longest gap in between games? 
Just under seven years, from August 2009-July 2016

9. What is the shortest gap?
One day, seeing the Boston Red Sox play on consecutive days (July 20-21, 2016)

10. Have you gotten a promotional item? 
A free Astros hat at the Astrodome, and a Tucker Barnhart bobblehead this past September

11. What stadium have you not seen yet that you want to? 
Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles

12. When is your next scheduled game? 
Unsure, but hopefully this year; shopping around for potential games this year as we speak

13. Has any team you’ve seen won the World Series in the same year?
No, but several did make the playoffs; unfortunately, all of them were eliminated in the first round, and have a combined win-loss total of 3-15.

14. What was the first team that made the playoffs in the same year that you saw them, and what was the result of that series? 
2001 Houston Astros; lost three games to none (as the top seed) against Atlanta

15. What was the most recent playoff team, and that result? 
2017 Boston Red Sox; lost 3-1 to the Astros (who won the World Series), so at least I’ve seen them win a playoff game.

16. Which team(s) that you have seen have the best overall record? 
As of this writing, it’s a tie. Both the St. Louis Cardinals and Boston Red Sox have a perfect 3-0 record, although the Red Sox have a better run differential among the two.

17. Which team(s) have you seen the most without winning? 
Minnesota Twins (0-2 as of this writing); the Reds have the most losses, but they’ve also won once

18. Favorite MLB moment 
Seeing David Ortiz hit a home run in his final season in 2016 at Fenway Park

19. Weirdest or funniest moment on the diamond 
The one I can think of is Adam Dunn getting ejected in the first inning for arguing balls and strikes; it’s the only game where the Reds have won (September 2006)

20. Funniest or weirdest statistic
This one’s truly funny: In the six Cincinnati Reds games I’ve seen, the first game was the only one where they hit a home run. They’re fifteen years overdue for another one, and we’ll see if I can get to another one this year.


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